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Great difference

Thanks very much for the bulb which arrived undamaged. The light is so nice to be in, I wonder why they're not used all over the place. The difference is instantaneously felt, and unexpectedly the vase of flowers sent out their lovely perfume but we couldn't smell them under the incandescent bulb.

Carol, New Zealand
Lovely lights

The lights are lovely, our technician says they are much nicer light than on our existing copy stand. We are using them to help light the gold on medieval illuminated manuscripts, which are being digitised for on line access viewing - so pretty special really.

Claire, Wellington
Viva-Lite bulbs have quite a relaxing light

We are using a Viva-Lite bulb in our dining area. I find it to be very easy on the eyes and to be quite a relaxing light. Cheers

Danny P, Christchurch
Viva-Lite bulbs have more natural light

Hi, We purchased two viva-lite full spectrum lights late last winter and use them in our family room. The colour of them is a lot nicer/calmer/natural than our other lights. In fact we are thinking about putting them in our childrens bedrooms as it just seems like the right thing to do. We didn't purchase them to improve our health, as we didn't have any health problems however we did purchase them to see if they would give off a more natural light, which they do. I am looking forward to seeing how they work this coming winter, as they haven't had a lot of use to date. Kind regards,

Charlotte, Albany
Viva-Lite bulbs are easy on the eyes

Hi, These full spectrum bulbs are definitely the best I have used. I'm in the Airforce and living in the barracks at Whenuapai where they tend to use the most budget fluorescent light they can. The main bulb in my room flickers about 5 times before it actually turns on. It then constantly flickers and make an annoying buzzing noise when operating. Apparently this type of lighting had been banned in the US and Europe. Instead I bought 2 Viva-Lite bulbs to substitute and was most impressed. The things I liked the most was the fact that they light up straight away and the light is actually nice and bright and easy on the eyes. It is a huge difference from fluorescent lights. Everything in the room all lights up brighter and the colours believe it or not actually do come out clearer and brighter. I don't know if it is a design feature but they also seem to be fairly bullet proof. Mine has fallen off off my deck a few times but still remains in one piece. These lights are definitely recommended. The differences are actually noticeable unlike some alternate therapy's where it is all in the mind and what you believe. Thanks,

Simon, Auckland

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