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Another very satisfied customer!

I have been meaning to let you know that the lights arrived in excellent condition - and I love them. My parrots are much more active and happy with having the benefit of the full spectrum light on in their room for about 3 hours a day. I am also amazed at the difference of having the full spectrum light in my office. Reading papers and my computer screen is much less straining on my eyesight - and my skin seems to be benefiting also. My two dogs spend a lot of time with me in my office, and one of them has a skin condition that also seems better than it was. Very best wishes and thanks to you all.

Dianne Clayton, Wellington
Thanks very much

Light Bulb arrived this morning and I’m using it already. I have it beside my Computer to illuminate products that I am colour matching in Photoshop. The standard cool white tube is 6800kelvin and not broad spectrum so not really standard enough for the type of work I do. Thanks very much for the prompt delivery.

Steve, Auckland
We are de-lighted

Hi, We are de-lighted (!) with the Viva-Lite light bulbs. In our home office we have two ceiling light fittings and we used to have Eco bulbs in them. I always found the light in the office inadequate. It was almost as though the room got darker when you switched the lights on. And then we put a Viva-Lite full spectrum bulb in. What a difference, it really was like night and day. What is more, we only need one bulb instead of the two we used to have. Now I can read without using my glasses because there is enough light and light of the right type. We will be buying more of them. Regards

Jenny, Auckland

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